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Selling Structured Settlement in Georgia

What do you need to know before you consider selling your structured settlement payments in the Georgia? Good question, first and foremost. There are several pitfalls and other considerations you need to be aware of before you pull the trigger and sign any paperwork considering this is a major financial transaction. You need to ensure yourself that you have a great experience with a company that knows and works closely with the rules setup in the state of Georgia for transferring your annuity payments and will give you a great deal. There are only a few companies that truly know and work well in Georgia.

First item to consider before you sell your annuity payments in Georgia is whether the company Structured Settlement Georgiayou are selling your payments to is in Georgia and do they know the laws. This should be your first thought when the situation presents itself that requires you to sell. There are some companies working out of their basement in California or Pennsylvania that will give you a good deal, but end up not being able to complete your transaction because they do not know the rules in Georgia and also have limited experience working within the rules set up in Georgia. You want to look at a company that resides in Georgia and has the experience to get you your money fast and make it easy on you. As a Georgia company, Mainstreet Funding is an experts on the rules and the court process in Georgia. You are good hands with our team. Mainstreet Funding ownership has been helping structured settlement recipients sell their payments in Georgia for over 15 years. As a local solution to sell your payments, you can also be assured you are getting a great deal whether you sell a small amount or a larger amount of your payments.

Will I get a good deal for my Georgia Structured Settlement?

You will definitely get a good deal for your payments working with a local company. Local companies have the local presence that allows for a less costly transaction. Many companies outside the state of Georgia, that work in this industry, charge customers rates between 15% – 25% to sell their payments. You should run the other way if someone quotes you a rate that high. You deserve better than that. You should not have to pay these very high outrageous rates to sell your structured settlement payments in Georgia. Mainstreet Funding focuses on getting you the best deal right out of the gate for your payments. Our rates are way below the industry average, because we believe you deserve better. Our management team believes strongly in a low-cost and high service model, which makes for a better experience for you here in Georgia.  Along with a great deal, it is important for you to know the process in Georgia to sell your payments, so you know that your transaction is progressing correctly.

What is the Process to Sell My Structured Settlement in Georgia?

As of early 2000′s, there has been a statute in place which directs how you can sell your payments to a company. Look at this as a set of rules that are put in place for your protection. The reason the rules are setup because back in the 1990′s certain people selling their structured settlements were taken advantage of when they sold their payments. Companies were charging really high rates and leaving people with no money to live on after the transaction. In 2002, the statute went into effect, which put in place requirements for selling your payments which includes over-site by a judge. The judge will review your transaction to verify that your transaction is good for you. Again, this is done to protect you from certain companies. Mainstreet Funding believes strongly in the Georgia statute as we believe that you should get a great deal, be treated with respect and finally honesty you deserve.  Our goal is your 100% satisfaction. Most of our business comes from referrals because our customers love referring us.

How Do I Start the Process to Sell my Structured Settlement in Georgia?

Give us a call today at 1-877-919-8003 and one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members will walk you through the process and ensure that you get the best deal for your situation and that you are completely comfortable before you sell your structured settlement payments.

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