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As a low-cost purchaser of structured settlement and annuity payments, you are assured the best price for your annuity.
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At Mainstreet Funding, we want you to receive the best deal today whether you have an annuity or structured settlement. As a low-cost purchaser, you can be assured of receiving the most money for your structured settlement payments. We will offer you top dollar for your future structured settlement payments, while providing you the best support that you deserve as you work with our very knowledgeable and experienced structured settlement team. Our team will take the time to understand you and your situation and build a plan to fit you. Since you went through a lot to get the settlement, we would love to see you keep as much of your annuity as possible. Many times the solution that can work best, is just selling some of each payment and getting the minimum amount necessary to cover your current needs.

Let Mainstreet Funding give you the best possible experience when you sell your structured settlement payments.

What are the Reasons People Sell Structured Settlement Payments?

When your settlement was first setup into payments, there was a great deal of consideration for the design of the payout so that the settlement payments would fit your income needs and goals for the future. However,  income needs and goals can and many times do change, and you may need to receive your structured settlement payments in a larger lump sum now. When your financial situation changes we can give you your money in a large lump sum. By getting a lump sum of cash today, you are able  to take care of:

Happy Family with Child

Could your family use some extra cash from your structured settlement?

1) Any debt

2) Pay your medical bills

3) Make an important purchase

4) Buy a home

5) Pay for your school

6) Maybe even start a business

7) Or any other reason you may need your funds early

With Mainstreet Funding, there is no longer a need to wait for the payments in the future when you need the structured settlement payments now. Matter of fact, you could receive your money in as little as 30 days, depending on where you live.

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What is the Process to Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments and Receive the Cash You Need?

You deserve a simple process, a great deal and unmatched service when you sell structured settlement payments. We work very hard to reach each of your goals. The process is simple for you. Here are the steps to receive your cash:

  1. Give you a quote for your structured settlement payments that fits your specific needs
  2. Send you a disclosure, which shows your quote in writing
  3. Sign an agreement
  4. Collect documents from you
  5. Have a judge approve the transaction
  6. Fund your transaction


Is the Process to Get my Structured Settlement Cash Easy?

Girl with Structured Settlement Questions

First, The process for selling structured settlement payments is simple if you choose a company with the experience and personal attention you deserve. Mainstreet Funding’s management team has purchased structured settlement payments since 1997. Our team is highly versed in the structured settlement protection act, which sets out the rules that determine how you may sell your payments for cash today. What this means is that you are assured a quick and smooth transaction from start to finish. Contact one of our experienced and extremely knowledgeable structured settlement purchasing team members and let one of them walk you step by step through the process to sell your payments. You may also choose to read some of the articles in our structured settlement blog which will answer in detail a lot of your

questions. With an attention to detail and a strong want to exceed the expectations of each customer, Mainstreet Funding has built a reputation that is unsurpassed in the industry. For example, one of our customer recently said to one of our representatives that,

“Mainstreet Funding was highly recommended from several people I know who have sold before.” – Meagan – California

It is taking care of the details and caring about the person that sets us apart from the industry. Not only are you assured a great experience, but you are also assured a great deal for your structured settlement payments.

Can I Expect to Receive a Great Deal for My Structured Settlement Payments?

Another one of our goals is to get you the most cash for your structured settlement payments while ensuring that you have money left in your annuity to cover your needs in the future. We take great care in purchasing your payments, which includes understanding that you may have a need now that doesn’t require selling all of your structured settlement payments. Therefore, we will design a plan to use the smallest amount of each structured settlement payment possible to reach your goal. The time is now to take advantage of great prices for your structured settlement or annuity payments from a company that cares about you.

Unmatched Attention to You and Your Deal, is Our Highest Priority

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We believe you deserve outstanding Customer Service.

At Mainstreet Funding – our structured settlement specialists have been trained to give you unmatched customer service. We strive to not only offer you the best offer but also to make sure you receive the best possible service. We believe that each person deserves to receive outstanding service along with the best quote without the hassle. We are a direct funding source which allows us  to give you our best offer from the beginning. Our team members want you to be comfortable throughout the process of selling your structured settlement payments so we give continual status updates throughout the transaction. We know that this process can seem overwhelming, however our goal is to make this process very easy for you so that you can focus on other things in your life. We want you to sit back and know that we are doing all the hard work for you to give you your money.

Will you Help Me Get My Structured Settlement Documents?

With our professional and courteous research team, we will support you in getting all the necessary documents to fund your transaction. Our support team loves to help our customers,  throughout the entire process, which includes document retrieval along with always being available to update you on the status of your transaction.

At Mainstreet Funding our mission has always been to give you the most money and the best service available when you choose to sell  your annuity payments. Give us a call today at 1-877-919-8003 and find out why others are referring their friends to Mainstreet Funding to sell their structured settlement payments. We will not be beat for your business, nor will you find better attention to your needs and goals.  To learn more about Mainstreet Funding, visit our About us page.


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